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TLF Projects and Publications

The Teaching and Learning Framework process identified and secured resources for several opportunities to enhance student and educator experiences.

In the coming years, the below featured projects will continue to evolve:

Strengthening the Value Chain:  Supporting International Students and Building Intercultural Competence at Memorial University will inform more comprehensive supports for international students at Memorial. Researchers, on behalf of the Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF), conducted a pan-university study looking at students who are vulnerable based on cultural differences and/or second language challenges.Read more…

Inclusive Campus
Together with the College of the North Atlantic (CNA), Memorial University is working on an initiative that will ensure an accessible and inclusive environment for students with individual learning needs associated with disability(s) and/or mental health issues. Both institutions are participating in a shared, provincial conversation to examine existing programs and services on post-secondary campuses across the province.
Related materials: Accommodations Project Presentation PDF, NCHA-II Spring 2013 MUN Executive Summary Data Report PDF, and Report: Accommodating students with individual learning needs associated with disabilities and/or mental health issues PDF

First Year Success Program
Embarking upon a university career is an exciting time in many people’s lives, yet many also feel uneasy about the transition into post-secondary education. This student success pilot program is intended to ease first-year jitters, which let’s admit, we all have! Download Developing an effective first year experience for students with academic challenges: A proposal for a pilot program.: FYSP_Initial_Report_120212

Teaching Skills Enhancement Program
Whether you live in St. John’s or are a professor at the Katmandu University, Memorial has resources that educators at all stages of their careers can access in any time zone, in any corner of the globe.

Student Support Services Inventory
A pan-institutional inventory of all student services available at the university (and trust us, there’s a lot!) is available for your perusal as a searchable tool. Check us out on the go with our mobile app too!

Classroom Infrastructure Fund
We admit it – it feels like a time warp when you enter some of the classrooms on Memorial’s campuses. If you’re a fan of “Lost” – the Dharma Initiative comes to mind. We know that to be inspired in a world where all information lives in a cloud in cyberspace, we want you to know that we’re dedicated to the modernization and upgrading of this classroom space. The upgrades promote innovative use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, and allow for more efficient program delivery throughout all of Memorial’s campuses, for all educators and learners to enjoy.

Ongoing Educator Orientation
Are you an educator who is new to Memorial? Do you fear that you’re overwhelmed with information and left to fend for yourself? While an already-existing one-day orientation program that provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching and learning is well-received, the Office of Faculty Relations is planning to expand the process to help new educators access information about the institution without even having to step on campus, and throughout the academic year. The goal is to help you feel supported every step of the way.