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Teaching and Learning Across Cultural Borders

by: MUN

During Memorial’s International Education Week, taking place Nov. 15-17, discussions about cultural diversity in education are happening on the St. John’s campus.

Some of the topics to be discussed on Friday, Nov. 18, from 12-2 p.m. in the Junior Common Room, R. Gushue Hall, are: How do we teach effectively to a person who may want our knowledge but not our culture? How do we plan a lesson to meet all our goals? Are we ever speaking the same language, in literacy and expression? Can we pursue social justice through teaching?

Parking is available in front of the building.

Panelists include Trudy Barnes (campus administrator for ESL, adult basic education and comprehensive arts and science transition at College of the North Atlantic), Elizabeth J. Noseworthy (ESL program development specialist, Department of Education), Kevin O’Leary (producer/director, Memorial’s Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support unit), who will discuss their experiences with international education.

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