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Exciting Things are Happening Right Now in Teaching and Learning at Memorial

by: MUN

Exciting things are happening right now in teaching and learning at Memorial.

For one – this brand spanking new website!

This site is meant to help you find what you need with ease, to enable you to engage actively in the conversation about teaching and learning at Memorial, and hence become a more connected member of the community.

We encourage you to partake in conversations and share your thoughts and experiences with us!

This September also marks the kick-off of the First Year Success Program! We’ve got a cohort of first year students fresh from high school starting with us, who are lucky enough to be taking part in this new program, in its pilot phase. These students will have access to extra resources and will take part in a specialized program of courses that will all go towards their degree. The program is intended to ease the first year jitters some students have about beginning university, and lays the foundation for a successful academic career while at Memorial. From learning about university life, to learning to write post-secondary style, students will leave the program feeling confident and ready to tackle their next adventure.

Academic Director Dr. Valerie Burton, administrative director Shelley Kawaja, and administrative assistant Shannon Hayes welcome students on the third floor of the education building, where an area specifically for the program has been refurbished. Stop by, scan the QR code on the pop-up banner, and let us know what you think of the space!

For more info on the First Year Success Program, visit their website at

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