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Dr. TA Loeffler

Chair in Teaching and Learning, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

TA Loeffler
Dr. TA Loeffler

As the Chair in Teaching and Learning for the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Dr. TA Loeffler is leading initiatives to build a community of teaching and learning for faculty and students in the school. In her role, Dr. Loeffler will meet with faculty and students to assess teaching and learning needs, strengths, challenges and opportunities to improve teaching and learning practices and advance the dialogue and strategy around the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Dr. Loeffler is an experiential and metaphoric educator who strives to be effective, powerful, and memorable to students. She acts as mentor and consultant, providing colleagues with advice on course design, teaching resources, classroom management. Mindfulness and reflective engagement are the cornerstones of her approach to creating excellent teaching and learning experiences.

Dr. Loeffler is a professor of outdoor recreation who brings 25 years of expertise leading people through significant life-changing experiences to every facet of her work. Her work and adventures have taken her to 42 different countries and all seven continents, and she has received international and national recognition for her innovative teaching.

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