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Dr. Rie Croll

Chair in Teaching and Learning, Grenfell Campus

R Croll
Dr. Rie Croll

As the Chair in Teaching and Learning for Grenfell Campus, Dr. Rie Croll is promoting initiatives to engage students, faculty and staff in critical conversations about diversity, culture, and inclusion in the university environment.

In this role, Dr. Croll, together with a group of student facilitators, has developed the OPEN Grenfell project. The name and acronym, OPEN, represents the goals of this initiative, which are to Overcome, Probe, Enlighten, and Negotiate ideological differences and potential areas of dissent, while also fostering inclusiveness, student retention, and cultural enlightenment. This process begins with an expansion of awareness around diversity and its place in teaching and learning at Grenfell and fosters the core values identified in Memorial University’s strategic plan for the teaching and learning community: collegiality, inclusiveness, responsiveness, integrity, respect, and accountability.

OPEN supports the basic premise that learning is both ongoing and ideologically challenging. In this learning environment, different or competing views need to be engaged.  Consequently, through direct discussion, guest speakers, focus groups, forums, workshops, talking circles, poetry slams, reflection panels, and symposiums, OPEN has become active in probing teaching and learning related issues and promoting a culture of mutual respect wherein critical thinking and academic freedom exist as desired and valued components of higher education. Rather than censoring debate about issues that affect the teaching and learning environment, the OPEN objective is to respectfully foster diversity within the Grenfell community.

Dr. Croll’s teaching and learning philosophy focuses on the importance of co-creation and awareness in creating an effective, collaborative learning environment for students and educators alike.  Her first priorities are to get to know students as people and offer them the opportunity to unveil their potential.

Dr. Croll, a former counsellor, is an award-winning teacher and professor of sociology at Grenfell Campus where she established the Grenfell Campus Learning Centre.

To learn more about OPEN Grenfell check out OPEN Grenfell on Face Book. To learn more about Dr. Croll visit: