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Dr. Karen Goodnough

Chair in Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Education

Dr. Karen Goodnough and colleagues

As the Chair in Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Education, Dr. Karen Goodnough is leading initiatives to promote collaboration, reflection, and university-wide engagement. The Faculty of Education Teaching and Learning Series, started in October 2015, provides the University community with the opportunity to participate in workshops and sessions focused on innovative pedagogy.  In the other initiative, Dr. Goodnough is facilitating a Faculty of Education self-study community of practice. Group members are examining some aspect of their classroom practice they would like to change or enhance. Through collaborative inquiry, they are enhancing their pedagogical content knowledge and teaching practice, while contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

In her own teaching, Dr. Goodnough she has moved from a theory-into-practice stance to a practice-theory orientation. Her recently completed Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) project investigated how faculties of education in Canada enable teacher candidates to create strong theory-practice relationships as they learn to teach. The outcomes of this work have informed her teaching and contributed to the knowledge base of teacher education.

Dr. Goodnough is actively engaged in research that focuses on activity theory, collaborative action research, initial teacher education, problem-based learning, and science teacher professional learning.

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