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Frequently Asked Questions

Chairs in Teaching and Learning

1. What are the objectives of the Chairs in Teaching and Learning (CTL) Program?

The objectives of the program are to facilitate:

  • the creation of a learning community of scholars and professionals dedicated to teaching and learning excellence;
  • the development and dissemination of best practices in teaching and learning;
  • the development of strategies and programs to address critical challenges and immediate needs facing teaching and learning at Memorial University;
  • the development of the next generation of teachers through mentoring of junior faculty and graduate students;
  • promotion of the scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • meeting the challenges of changing demographics and resource availability in the teaching environment; and
  • addressing the recommendations of the Teaching and Learning Framework (2011).

2. Who is eligible to apply?

  • Members of academic staff holding full-time tenure track or tenured appointments.
  • Members of academic staff who hold regular full term appointments, provided that the academic appointment covers the term of the CTL.

3. Can I hold a CTL while I am on leave from the university?

Academic staff members are not eligible to hold a CTL while on sabbatical, administrative leave or leave without pay.

4. What is the duration (term) of the appointment?

The term of the appointment is for 2 years, renewable once for an additional 2 years.

5. How do I apply to become a CTL?

  • Speak with your dean to advise them that you are considering applying for a CTL and discuss with them their priorities for CTL–related activities within your Faculty/School.
  • Complete an application form and submit it electronically to the dean on or before February 15, 2015, accompanied by a curriculum vitae (focussing on the last 5 years and a maximum of 4 pages, available online by January 15).

6. What supports are available to help me develop my application?

A variety of supports will be available to assist applications:

  • An application template will be provided in January 2015 (form will be 4-5 pages maximum)
  • DELTS will be offering 2 information sessions in January which will:
    • provide an overview of the institutional Frameworks and Plans which impact teaching and learning activities;
    • discuss work completed to date to address the recommendations of the Teaching and Learning Framework;
    • review the priorities identified in the TLF Strategic Plan (2014-2017)
    • review major types of innovation occurring at Memorial University and across post secondary institutions in Canada;
    • familiarize you with the supports available through DELTS for teaching and learning program development, delivery and evaluation;
    • introduce you to the professional staff in DELTS who can act as resource people as you develop your application.


An Enrolment Planning Retreat will be held on January 23, 2015 which will outline priorities for student recruitment and retention at Memorial University and candidates for a CTL can attend.

 7.What will be the primary responsibility of the CTL in each Faculty/School?

The primary responsibility of the CTL is to work with the dean, faculty and staff to enhance the teaching and learning environment within their own Faculty or School. The CTLs will also come together as a learning community, supported by DELTS, to exchange ideas and potentially develop multi-disciplinary initiatives which will impact multiple units within the university.

8. Is it possible for a CTL to be shared between two faculties/schools?

No, the base funding for the CTL program is allocated as one CTL per Faculty/School.

9. Does this appointment come with a course remission?

In addition to the $7500 per annum stipend, the CTL program provides $7500 to each Faculty or School to support the CTL. A course remission is only one of several options available to provide support to a CTL. The dean will work with the successful CTL candidate to decide how the money will be allocated.

10. How will my work be evaluated and by whom?

In your application, you will propose a program of activities linked to the objectives of the CTL and the recommendations of the Teaching and Learning Framework. You will identify 3-5 measures of success for the proposed program and these measures will inform the dean’s evaluation of your work. In addition, through ongoing discussions with your Dean, fellow faculty members or other CTLs, additional expectations for your role may be identified and mutually agreed upon. If so, these too would be considered in the evaluation of your work.

11. What other sources of funding will be available to CTL to support teaching and learning initiatives at Memorial University?

The TLF Strategic Plan (2014-2017) allocates $550,000 per year over 3 years to a TLF competitive fund for the St. John’s Campus to which CTLs on that campus can apply. CTLs for Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute can apply for that funding only in partnership with one or more Faculties or Schools on the St. John’s Campus. CTLs for Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute can contact their chief academic officer to discuss availability of additional campus specific funding to support teaching and learning initiatives.

 12. Who can I contact for more information?

DELTS will be hiring a Manager of Teaching and Learning in the new year to support the CTL and TLF Competitive Funding initiative. In the meantime, inquires can be directed to Dr. Doreen Neville, associate vice president, (academic, planning, priorities and programs). Her email address is Please copy her administrative assistant, Ms. Roma Upshall, on all correspondence.