Submitting a Previously Recorded Video

If you would like to submit a video you have previously recorded:

1. Choose Select Video if the video is stored on your device (laptop, PC, phone, tablet)
2. Navigate to your video by clicking Select File
3. Select your video and click Begin Upload (Note the file type and file size restrictions shown)
4. Wait for video to upload (times vary depending on size of video and internet speeds)
5. Be sure to check back to ensure it processed and submitted successfully


Recording a Video in Brightspace

If you want to record a new video directly into Brightspace using your webcam and microphone:

  1. 1. Click Select/Record Video, and then click Record Video
  2. 2. If prompted, allow your browser permission to use your mic and webcam
  3. 3. Press Record when you are ready and Stop when finished
  4. 4. Review your video to see if it is what you want to submit

Adding Visual Aids

If your instructor set up your assignment so that you can add slides, you will be able to check the box next to I will add slides/visual aides before you add a video.


Once your video has finished processing, you will be able to add slides to you video. If you forgot to check the box prior to adding your video or changed you mid, don’t worry! You can still add slides.

In order to sync slides with a video on YouSeeU, you must first save your PowerPoint slides as image files, and then upload them to your video. For help saying PowerPoints as images, view the following resources: