Binder Tools and Features

Accessing documents (“Fetch”) and setting up a connection

  1. To connect D2L to Binder, click the plus (+) sign in the upper left corner of the connections bar.
  2. A box will display with connection options (Learning Environment, Dropbox, Photos, or Skydrive).
  3. Click Connect.

Sending a document to Binder

  1. Log into D2L and select the course you want to “fetch” documents from
  2. Find a document that you want to add to Binder, and open it in D2L
  3. At the bottom left of the viewing window (next to the download button), click Send to Binder
  4. A blue box will appear in the lower right corner of the screen indicating that the document has been sent to Binder. You will now be able to view the document in the Binder app.

Tagging documents

After you send a document to Binder, it will be automatically tagged based on its course name. You may want to add additional tags to more easily identify and find the documents that you save in Binder.

  1. To create a tag, type an appropriate label in the “Create a New Tag” box at the top of the tag section.
  2. Click the plus sign (+). A new tag will display in the list.
  3. To apply this tag, drag the tag over the document.
  4. Click on a tag to sort your documents; click it again to unsort.

Viewing, navigating, and annotating documents

Binder offers a number of options for viewing and annotating documents, whether they be PDF, Word and PowerPoint files.

Tapping anywhere in the document will display navigation functions at the top and bottom of the screen. Tapping on the document again will hide them:

Close: The Back button will take you back to your Binder home page.
Unread: The Unread button (circle) will mark the document as unread
Favorite: The Favorite button (star) will mark the document as a favourite.
Search: The search box allows you to search the document you are currently viewing.
Open Documents: The Open Documents icon (between the search and settings links) allows you to quickly and easily move between open documents. Select the document in the upper left hand corner to go back to the document you currently have open.
Progress Bar: The Progress Bar is located in the centre of the bottom bar and shows where you are in the document. The progress bar is a quick way to move through the document instead of flipping pages.

Swipe over the tab on the right side of the screen to make annotations to any document in Binder. There are five different types of annotations available:

Note: Select the Note icon, then tap the page where you would like to place a note. The colour of the dot can be changed with the colour swatch on the options bar at the top right of the screen.
Highlight: Choose the Highlighter icon, select a colour, and drag your finger over the text you wish to highlight. You can adjust the level of darkness with the slider under the palette. To scroll in the document as you are highlighting, click the icon to the right of the colour swatch. This will allow you to scroll through the document without highlighting everything. You can add a note to a highlighted are by clicking on the bubble icon and typing in the text box that appears. Delete the highlight by clicking on the garbage can icon.
Draw: Select the Drawing icon in the annotation menu. A control menu for writing will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. You can control the colour, opacity, and line width in the colour swatch icon. To scroll in the document without leaving unwanted marks, click the scroll icon to the right of the eraser icon. To edit a drawing, select the portion you want to change; the writing will start blinking and a tool bar will display in the upper right corner. In this tool bar you can: add notes, change the colour of the writing, re-position the writing, and delete the writing.
Underline: To underline text, select the Underline icon. After selecting a colour, drag your finger over the words you want to underline. Tap the underlined text to edit. You can add a note, change the colour of the underline, or delete the underline.
Strikeout: On the annotations menu, select the Strikeout icon and drag your finger over any text you would like to strike out. The colour of the strike out line may be changed from the menu. Should you need to edit a strikeout, select the text by tapping the screen. A menu will appear in the top right corner of the screen; in this menu you can add a note, change the colour of the strikeout and delete the strikeout.