Getting Started With Binder

Download and install the app

Visit to find the app for your device. Current iOS, Windows 8, and Android devices are supported.

Create an EduDentity account

You can use your Facebook username and password to log in, or you can create an EduDentity account. This account allows Binder to sync with your Brightspace (D2L) account and provide you with access to your course content.

  1. When you first access Binder, follow the prompts or click this link to set up an EduDentity account.
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Click the Sign in with EduDentity button to continue to the application.

Connect Binder to Brightspace (D2L)

You will need to link your Brightspace (D2L) account to the Binder app to access course documents via Binder. You can do this using the “Fetch” button. The first time you do this, add your Brightspace (D2L) account to your Connections. This will only need to be done once; after that, it will remain in your connections.

  1. Click the orange Fetch icon to start a new connection
  2. In the text box that says “Web Address” type:
  3. After connecting to the server, Memorial’s Brightspace (D2L) login screen will display
  4. Log in using your MUN Login ID and password
  5. The next page indicates that Binder needs access to your account so that you can open your files within the Binder application. Select Continue
  6. When you select the Fetch icon, Binder should now display all your courses on the right half of the application.