Twitter Setup Overview

An outline of the steps involved in incorporating Twitter into your Brightspace course shell is outlined below.

  1. Setup the Twitter widget in Twitter and generate embed code.
    1. Determine Hashtags.
  2. Add widget to course for Twitter feed.
    • Use a new widget or copy an existing one and edit.
      (In Brightspace “Course Admin” → “Widgets”)
  3. Consider how you will include Twitter activities in course (graded vs. ungraded).
  4. Add details to syllabus.
  5. Add Twitter Evaluation widget to course.
    • (NOTE: If this is to be configured by a CMA or AID, you need to request Instructor access, specifying that you need to be able to setup this widget and Tweet Events.)
  6. Configure Twitter Evaluation widget.
    1. Register course.
    2. Review Student ID status (to determine who did not add their Twitter ID to their Brightspace profile).
    3. Create Event. Choose which type of Event to use in your course. The options are:
      • # hashtag, or
      • track Twitter handles
  7. Run Twitter Events.
  8. Evaluate Twitter activity.
    1. View Tweets.
    2. Use Event log to track activity.
    3. Export Event to CSV file.

Details on how to complete these steps is found on CITL’s Technology Resources site.

Resource created by Jane C.